Tzipora Shadowbriar (2015) (wips and done)


I haven’t drawn her in a while, so I made her the subject of my latest lighting study! Tzipora Shadowbriar is Vince’s betrothed, although neither of them is particularly interested in a relationship with the other. Tzipora is more interested in her own growing sphere of influence in the criminal underworld and the opportunities that can be found (and bought ūüėČ ) there.

This one started with a sketch:

A bit of palette testing:


A background appears!


Color temperature adjustments and more rendering to make a finished piece:

tzipora_shadowbriar_2015_doneSomewhat related, here’s a quick painting I did back in February of Tzipora and Neenah scouting the desert.



Guildless characters (done)

3_11_2015_guildless_groupies_doneIt’s done! I started this one back in January¬†(click for WIPs) but I sort of lost interest, maybe because¬†artwork that tries to¬†tell a story or capture a mood is so much more interesting to me now than¬†plain old character sheets.

Anyway, I felt kind of bad about not finishing it so I dusted it off earlier this week. I knew I could do better¬†rendering (and faces… man, always the faces). Much better now – and more importantly, it’s DONE – so I can move on now, haha.

I think this is the first time these four characters have appeared in one artwork together. The last time I drew them all together Р2006 to be precise Рthey were just a bunch of poorly rendered disembodied heads.


Photoshop CS, many hours

Tzipora sketch painted

Gave yesterday’s sketch a bit ‘o color:



Tzipora is based loosely on one of my old (and most favorite) EverQuest characters. Those were fun times. She lives in in the occasional painting and goes on adventures (mostly in my head) with other original characters of mine.

I tried to keep it rough like ladynlmda‘s¬†mad skills but I’ve got a lot to learn about making Photoshop look like messy oils.


Tzipora Sketch (2008) Рthis one is still pretty cute

Airika’s Adventure Chars (2006) – this one is¬†terrible