Depart at dusk (wips and done)

depart_at_dusk_doneTren: We can’t go with them, but there’s nothing stopping us from following… We’ll depart at dusk.

No big story behind this one, just Airika being her usual optimistic self and Tren making plans. This one was a lot of fun to paint, and the lighting and palette were challenging. The palette was inspired largely by this painting called “Memoria” that I found on DeviantArt, so my thanks goes out to this (and all the other artists) out there sharing their work so that other artists (like me!) can learn from them.

Here are some WIPs, starting with a bunch of chunky blobs. I didn’t really use a sketch for this one, and I kind of flip back and forth between bothering with a sketch vs. just jumping right into blobs of color.

Got Tren’s face to a happy place on the first attempt. Aw yiss.depart_at_dusk_wip02

At this point I was so happy with it I debated chopping Airika out of it and making it just Tren. But I think I make more compelling scenes when there are at least two characters, so I kept her in.

depart_at_dusk_wip03 depart_at_dusk_wip04 depart_at_dusk_wip05

From here it was just render, render, render.


I could keep picking at it, but at this point I think I’ve learned what I was gonna learn from it and I’m ready to start something new.

Photoshop, a few hours.

Now there’s nothing (wips and done)


One of those rare paintings that went well from start to finish. 🙂

so_bummed_wip01 so_bummed_wip02 so_bummed_wip03 so_bummed_wip04 so_bummed_wip05 so_bummed_doneAirika: I just thought there was something more, you know?
Tren: I’m sorry. I can beat him up if you like.
Airika: No… that’s okay. There was something, and now there’s nothing. I’ll live.


Lethal Lemon Car Crew (wips and completed art)

Lethal Lemon and friends are back! And they got a sweet ride.

Here’s the drawing I made during a sketch session and liked well enough to keep going with:sweet_lemon_ride_wip01

Here’s an early palette test (palette found on the web – thanks anonymous palette maker):sweet_lemon_ride_wip02

Some more rendering here. Man, it’s just a mess at this point. This is always the worst part of a painting for me, where it’s so messy but I just have to focus on its potential and push on through. sweet_lemon_ride_wip03

Okay, now it’s looking like something decent. This is usually where I decide to either scrap it or keep it, and this one’s gonna be a keeper.sweet_lemon_ride_wip04

More rendering. Saved Lethal Lemon’s feet for last (bad idea, ugh).sweet_lemon_ride_wip05

And.. done!

I could nitpick details forever but I just want to move on at this point. I’m really happy with it, and it’s been forever since I last drew these guys!


Here’s a closeup, which in many ways I like better than the full piece (lol).

ll_car_crewThis amazing masterpiece brought to you by Photoshop CS5, a Wacom tablet, and probably 10 hours of my time over the last few days.