Airika and Vince get married by Tren and everyone wears funny hats (sketch)

See, now we know why Tren left the Divine Order. The pointy hats look ridiculous! But Airika and Vince asked her to officiate their nuptials, and she was happy to oblige.


This was 99% an excuse to draw them in some unusual outfits! Silly wedding hats are a favorite topic of mine, so of course everyone here gets something fun to wear on their head. The candle wreath hat is an elf tradition, but they’re just for the ladies so Vince gets bunny ears courtesy Tren instead.

This is much later in the story, long after many of the events seen in other artworks on this blog but still quite a bit before the end.

I dunno if/when I’ll color it so enjoy the sketch in the meantime. 🙂

Another Ghost sketch

Okay, one more drawing of Vince and Airika and the Ghost sword (see yesterday’s post). I like this one the best so far of all the “Ghost” sword series drawings.


Hey… now that I think about it, it reminds me a lot of an illustration I did maybe 10 years ago for a school project. My inspiration well only runs so deep.

VinceAirikaPS_largeEeeeyeah I dunno what’s going on with his face, but I’m much happier with the “new” version. 😀

Tzipora sketch painted

Gave yesterday’s sketch a bit ‘o color:



Tzipora is based loosely on one of my old (and most favorite) EverQuest characters. Those were fun times. She lives in in the occasional painting and goes on adventures (mostly in my head) with other original characters of mine.

I tried to keep it rough like ladynlmda‘s mad skills but I’ve got a lot to learn about making Photoshop look like messy oils.


Tzipora Sketch (2008) – this one is still pretty cute

Airika’s Adventure Chars (2006) – this one is terrible