Meet me on the stairs behind the market (wips and done)


I told you they would get to meet again. ūüėÄ The sketch looked like crap here in this first wip, but it got the idea down.


Next, I added some faint color to get a feel for the palette. I knew I wanted to do some kind of bright day light / dark shadow contrast thing, so I roughed the color palette in before starting on any details. (Later, it would turn out, I’d have to go a lot darker on the shadowed part. But eh, this got the job done enough to keep going.)


Next up was a first pass on details to get a better feel for what the composition might look like when it’s done. This is about an hour in and this is often the point at which¬†I scrap a painting if I’m not enjoying it, but I liked this one enough to keep going.

In the next step, I worked mostly on the two foreground characters. I used darker colors and tried to get a better sense of what will be light / what will be dark. I work all over the canvas, trying not to neglect any one part for too long (lest the part I neglected until the end become impossible to fill in with something decent).

I draw these two characters a lot, and since they both have dark hair and are about the same height they sometimes they blend together if I’m not careful, so I like to figure that part out early on, too.

Render render render render.¬†Here’s where the next hour or two went, but at this point I was¬†certain I’d be finishing it.


And done! I spent (probably) another hour and a half from the previous step¬†to get to “done”, and I mostly spent it nitpicking little things like canvas width and coloration. I find¬†“Auto Tone” can sometimes work miracles, hence the nice “warming” the final piece¬†has over the previous step.


Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

My new job is awesome, by the way, and its reasonable¬†hours (ie: not game industry hours) are leaving plenty of time for painting. I think I’ve already made more art in 2015 than I made in the previous 3 years combined.


This twilight garden (wips + done)

It’s been in my head forever, but I only recently¬†felt brave enough to attempt it. Here’s Vince and Airika sharing a kiss in a place called the twilight garden, which is, of course, named after the song by the Cure, which is one of my most favorite songs.

I lift my hands from touching you


to touch the wind that whispers through

twilight_garden_wip02this twilight garden

turns into a world

where dreams are real twilight_garden_wip05

no-one will ever take your place twilight_garden_wip06

I am lost in you


no-one will ever take your place


so in love with you

twilight_garden_done3Photoshop CS6
Many hours

Full lyrics