Bananas still life (wips and done)

4_25_2015_banana_doneBananas! These bananas had no idea they would be immortalized in a still life when I picked them up off the stand at Safeway. To be honest, I had no idea either. ūüėõ They just looked like they’d be fun to paint so I moved them off my kitchen counter and onto my still life platform and bam! – banana painting.

~90 minutes in Photoshop

I only saved a couple progress steps:

4_25_2015_banana_wip01 4_25_2015_banana_wip02 4_25_2015_banana_wip03


April still life #1: little plushies! (wips and done)


New month, new still life practice! This one was all about soft little plush things!

Honestly, I think this one’s is a little boring – they all had similarly soft textures (the Mantyke ball on right is kind of fuzzy, but the rest were smooth) and all of them were all about the same size, so it was hard to come up with an interesting composition. There’s also no perspective or shiny stuff to have fun with, so as cute as I think this one turned out, my next still life will have to feature some more challenging objects!

Here are some wips, starting with a sketch:april_still_life_plushies_wip02

This time, I tried just painting over the sketch. april_still_life_plushies_wip03 april_still_life_plushies_wip04

Most of the time was spent on the detailed rendering (as always) and small accuracy adjustments.

april_still_life_plushies_doneHope you enjoyed!

Where I met the old witch (wips and done)


After Vince is¬†sent away by his guild leaders¬†and Tren goes¬†into a period of intense study with her old master, Airika is left on her own to get into trouble.¬†Legend tells of an old high born necromancer, sealed away in an elven coffin and buried in the deepest marsh. But Airika doesn’t know that yet, she just wants to know what’s in the box. (Hint: it’s a pissed off necromancer.)

Painting work in progress steps:

where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip01 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip02 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip03 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip04 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip05 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip06 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip07 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip08 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip09 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip10 where_i_met_the_old_witch_wip11

where_i_met_the_old_witch_doneAs you can see, I spent a lot of time thrashing about on getting her face right. There were even more face attempts¬†but I won’t bore you with all of them. Needless to say, I am glad I pressed on and continued to redesign and re-render until I was happy with the scene.



Now there’s nothing (wips and done)


One of those rare paintings that went well¬†from start to finish. ūüôā

so_bummed_wip01 so_bummed_wip02 so_bummed_wip03 so_bummed_wip04 so_bummed_wip05 so_bummed_doneAirika: I just thought there was something more, you know?
Tren: I’m sorry. I can beat him up if you like.
Airika: No… that’s okay. There was something, and now there’s nothing. I’ll live.


Someday you’ll see (wips + done)

someday_youll_see_done… that I am such a fragile thing.

(Which is a reference to the SD6 song “Everywhere”, which is awesome yet completely un-Googlable/un-YouTubeable for some reason.)

This one started as a sketch that probably wouldn’t have made it to completion it if weren’t for a soft spot in my heart for these two and their romantic scenes.¬†After all, so much of their story is about the¬†forces¬†that keep them apart and the foolishness of their¬†romance. She’s the¬†girl-from-another-world, literate but useless in a sword fight; he’s betrothed to¬†the¬†world’s best¬†assassin in support of a fragile political alliance between the world’s two most¬†important guilds.

someday_youll_see_wip01 someday_youll_see_wip02 someday_youll_see_wip03 someday_youll_see_wip04Her face was just wrong – not wrong in general¬†(I think it’s one of my better ones)¬†but wrong for the character. So I repainted it, trying to make her look younger and less sassy (since this would be early in their story) and now it feels right.

someday_youll_see_doneBacklit faces, yay! I mean, no. Ugh, so hard. I’m trying to push my understanding of lighting a lot more this year and it’s not easy.


I came back a few days later and repainted the characters. I don’t know what it is with me sometimes, but it’s like I have to do a version I don’t like before I can do a version I do like.




It’s also sort of a spiritual remake of this painting I did back in 2009: