Lethal Lemon Car Crew (wips and completed art)

Lethal Lemon and friends are back! And they got a sweet ride.

Here’s the drawing I made during a sketch session and liked well enough to keep going with:sweet_lemon_ride_wip01

Here’s an early palette test (palette found on the web – thanks anonymous palette maker):sweet_lemon_ride_wip02

Some more rendering here. Man, it’s just a mess at this point. This is always the worst part of a painting for me, where it’s so messy but I just have to focus on its potential and push on through. sweet_lemon_ride_wip03

Okay, now it’s looking like something decent. This is usually where I decide to either scrap it or keep it, and this one’s gonna be a keeper.sweet_lemon_ride_wip04

More rendering. Saved Lethal Lemon’s feet for last (bad idea, ugh).sweet_lemon_ride_wip05

And.. done!

I could nitpick details forever but I just want to move on at this point. I’m really happy with it, and it’s been forever since I last drew these guys!


Here’s a closeup, which in many ways I like better than the full piece (lol).

ll_car_crewThis amazing masterpiece brought to you by Photoshop CS5, a Wacom tablet, and probably 10 hours of my time over the last few days.