Summoning WIPs

Summoning at the ice swamp? I dunno. I let this one naturally evolve over the course of a couple hours and that’s what it became.

Wip 01: an ice pond and some trees. This was wider, originally, but got cropped in later revisions down to the size you see here. I set out knowing I wanted to make a blue, snowy scene, but the particulars were free to evolve along the way.


Wip 02: Added one of my favorite characters, Tren (also called Trinth) making some sort of green hand magic.

Wip 03: Added a couple figures in the foreground since Tren was looking rather lonely, refined her face, changed her sitting pose, and turned some of those background blobs into misty horned creatures. Now I’m digging it!

Wip 04: Refinements to wip 03. I still like the concept, so I’ll keep going with it. 12-11-14-sketch4I don’t know when (if) I’ll return to this piece so I figured I might as well go ahead and post the wips. Hope you enjoyed!