Sunday sketches 2-15-2015

Thanks to Discount Chocolate Day (ie: February 15th) I have an unspeakable amount of chocolate in my system today. Today is awesome.

Here is Lady Joz, another story character who I’m not sure has graced this blog yet. She is a powerful necromancer who has extended her own life well beyond its natural years by feeding off wish-makers eager to trade years of their own lives for special powers.


This next one is a sketch I started back on 2-9-15, but touched up a bit today. Kiddo Astrid, her dragon, and some soon-to-be-food wisps (if they’re not careful, but they are usually careful).


Airika doing an ugly cry into stoic Tren’s shirt after Vince tells her that he’s got to go marry some other girl and do stuff with the guild he’s promised his life to (don’t worry, they don’t stay apart for long… spoiiilers).


Expected Visitor (Astrid 2014)

It still counts as a January tradition even if I don’t finish it until December. 🙂

After so many false starts, I gave up on Astrid 2014 for a while (and then got involved with a career change that kept me busy most of the year). When I came back, I felt inspired again and made this.


This is #10 in the series. You can see the first 9 paintings here.

Yeah, it’s almost a year late, but I don’t care. It feels good to be inspired again. 🙂

Enjoy some WIPs:

ast_2015_wip01 ast_2015_wip02 ast_2015_wip03 ast_2015_wip04

And the finished piece:


Here’s a closeup:


Mirror texture from here:

Sharp chunky brush strokes are mostly courtesy Photoshop’s “sharpen more” filter.

I’ll be starting Astrid 2015 in… well… now’s as good a time as any!