Summoning WIPs

Summoning at the ice swamp? I dunno. I let this one naturally evolve over the course of a couple hours and that’s what it became.

Wip 01: an ice pond and some trees. This was wider, originally, but got cropped in later revisions down to the size you see here. I set out knowing I wanted to make a blue, snowy scene, but the particulars were free to evolve along the way.


Wip 02: Added one of my favorite characters, Tren (also called Trinth) making some sort of green hand magic.

Wip 03: Added a couple figures in the foreground since Tren was looking rather lonely, refined her face, changed her sitting pose, and turned some of those background blobs into misty horned creatures. Now I’m digging it!

Wip 04: Refinements to wip 03. I still like the concept, so I’ll keep going with it. 12-11-14-sketch4I don’t know when (if) I’ll return to this piece so I figured I might as well go ahead and post the wips. Hope you enjoyed!


Twilight Sparkle

Had I known this would turn out so nice, I’d have kept some WIPs. 

As someone who is quite familiar with the My Little Pony license pre-FiM [I shipped a couple games based on the license 2006-2008], I have to say: holy crap what a revamp!  The new direction is so fresh, modern, and to be frank, really quite daring!  I applaud their decision to update the license, which has surely paid off in the form of tons of new fans and the amazingness of the brony community.


Sometimes this blog stops being about art and starts being about whatever’s preventing me working on art. It’s that time again!

Jim and I bought a house! We were originally supposed to close on it yesterday, but snowy conditions here in the Pacific Northwest have slowed the moving of documents to a crawl, so now we close next Monday instead. This weekend was to be our first in it, tearing up carpet and painting walls, but that’ll have to wait until next weekend. Fortunately, my Dad is coming back to WA! He’s an expert in all things house-related and his help is priceless.

What’s odd about this move is just how much it has in common with our ’08 move from IL to WA: I’m sick, there’s a ton of snow on the ground, Thanksgiving is, uh…”rescheduled” til next year, and we’re out of boxes with plenty more to box. Sprinkle in a few fun surprises, such as closing being moved and we’re almost at the degree of craziness that ’08’s move was, except for… a dead oven, a broken down car (last week’s flat tire doesn’t count), and at least one of us (probably me again) needs to sustain a crippling foot injury and it’ll be 2008 all over again.

Something great about this move is how close it is to BLACK FRIDAY! I’m off to buy some sale-price appliances!!

Wake the White Queen wip 02

I reworked the concept (rather early, too, I usually like to save my reworks until I’m at least halfway done with the original idea :D) and I like it sooo much more now!! This is going to be sweet when it’s done.

I wasn’t able to work on it over the last week because I lost my primary hard drive last Sunday. After 5 years of faithful service, it just gave out. I had backups of what was most critical, but backups were spottier for large PSDs, my student work, downloads, mp3s, etc. The drive was far larger than any of my external backup drives, and as such the losses were significant. I spent the last week’s worth of free time rebuilding and recreating what I could of what was lost. I’m sure that in a year it won’t seem like a big deal anymore, but for now it’s uncomfortable to be starting fresh again.

Painting is a good way to move forward.


No painting updates this week: I’ve spent the last 7 days nursing back to health my new betta fish, named Alpha.

Alpha joined the family Sunday and has displayed signs of nearly every betta illness in existence in the past week, prompting me to spend a lot of time treating him and buying, setting up, and moving him to a bigger tank. He is SO emo. He refuses food, he pouts in his “fortress of solitude” and he generally acts like a spoiled princess…

…until yesterday!! He finally ate for the first time last night, and today has displayed unprecedented amounts of perkiness. He usually likes to sulk about in a corner, but today he’s been active and excited. He even attempted to flare at various stimuli placed near his tank. There’s hope for Alpha, after all! YAY!

To celebrate Alpha joining our family I made a plush inspired by him! This is an all-new pattern and took some time to develop and work out. I’m extremely pleased with the results, though, and will be selling plush bettas alongside plush grubs from now on. 🙂

Ast 2009 Wip 06

I made a concerted effort at working at least somewhat on this every night for the past 5 days. I’m posting it now as a record of how it looked on Friday, before I work on it all weekend! I hope to give it one final, huge push in the next 2 days so I can wrap it up in the next week. I’m just itching to start something new!