Feb 26 sketches

When I came upstairs to paint, I wasn’t really in the mood for working on Astrid ’13 any more so I made several toss-away sketches until something stuck.

Finally, inspiration struck and I made a crazy rainbow betta with Lisa Frank-esque eyes.  Somewhere out there, a My Little Pony just got its wings. Betta4_flat

Then I was poking around my own artwork on DeviantArt looking for more inspiration when I came across this old one:


I remember really struggling with this one in 2007 when I spent 2 hours on it (deliberately – 2 hours was the limit).   Even then, I felt like it wasn’t up to my usual standards.

So tonight I re-attempted it:


Ahh, that went much better.  And in less than an hour, too.  I’m continually fascinated by my own learning and growth as an artist.  I dunno if I’ll come back to this one, and I didn’t take any WIPs along the way, so this is all I got for it. 🙂

Kelethin wip 01

Just for fun, a 1-hour quickie inspired by some of my earlier Everquest adventures in Photoshop CS5.

This was my character Macanai (who my friends nicknamed Macaroni, lol), a wood elf warrior.  I was new to the game and had no idea what I was doing when I made her.

I picked the warrior class because I was just so damn stoked that warrior was open to female characters.  I would later find that all class/sex combinations were possible, but if you think about this in the context of late 90’s gaming you may realize this was the exception, not the norm, for the time. Back then, if I wanted to play as a girl I’d have to be a spell caster.  Now, females even show up in the soldier ranks of games such as XCOM.  🙂


I probably won’t come back to this one, even though I would happily revisit the idea in a new piece.  For me to start work, push it to this point over the course of a few hours, and then scrap it is normal.  I suspect it might be a necessary part of my process, kind of like cleaning my desk of clutter before I can get to work on something new: I have to paint a “bad one” before I’m free to paint a “good one”, perhaps.