Friday sketch: Twisted Gizmo and Nimble Melon team up


Lethal Lemon’s arch nemesis Twisted Gizmo teams up with her BFF, Nimble Melon, against an unseen foe! What threat could bring this unlikely pair together?! (Uh, your guess is as good as mine, I haven’t written it yet. But I do know that Twisted Gizmo and Nimble Melon share more than just their preference for neckties with everything.)



This started as a warm-up sketch since it’s been nearly two weeks (!!) since I last picked up my tablet pen. Even though my daydreams often ponder various Lethal Lemon storylines and scenarios, I haven’t actually drawn anything from that universe in FOREVER (and that should change, seriously).  Which is too bad, because now Twisted Gizmo looks more like a Machine Man expy than the more Terminator-on-steroids original creation I thought he was back in ’05. 😀

Oh well, it was a fun 2 hours either way!