Throwback Thursday: Old sketches from 2003

tbt_2003_airikaI started art school in October of 2003. For the first time in my life, my sketching hobby was legitimized. I basked in it and drew all the time (as if that was much different than what I did all through high school, and elementary school, and before).

tbt_airika_bandage_clicheHonestly, some of these are so bad I cringe a little bit as I post them now, feeling like they might offer a window into some part of my brain I’d rather keep buried.


My college program was really big on developing a story, and it was during those years that I started to build the world which I still like to explore in my personal art.

My main ladies have changed surprisingly little in 12+ years. Tzipora is still short and red-haired with a preference for black clothes, Tren is tall and blonde, and Airika is somewhere in between with messy brown hair and a blue sweater.

tbt_unknown_vince_airika_woodsVince is still a dude in the woods with a sword and a cape, though he’s not an enigmatic (or dickish) character anymore.

tbt_vince_airika_2003What has survived is the “forbidden love” nature of their relationship.

No, I don’t know why they look okay with the idea of being sliced up by this crazy guy with a sword on the page below.

tbt_airika_vince_scenesThere are probably only about 20 people on the planet who remember this comic book cover – it was the first completed piece I ever debuted in class. It looks amateurish to me now, but at the time it was my crowning achievement.

tbt_oct_2003_comic_book_coverI can’t believe it’s been 12 years since I drew all of these (and nine years since I graduated)!

Hope you enjoyed these old drawings. 🙂

Gabriel McKnight sketch (done)

gabe_mcknight_doneInspired by a friend’s original character who, for some reason or another, I never tried to draw until now!

I tried to make him look different than my own OC’s, but I dunno how successful I was in that… my characters all kind of end up looking like my characters. 🙂

Photoshop CS, an hour and a half or so. I didn’t save any WIPs, sorry!

Sunday sketches 2-15-2015

Thanks to Discount Chocolate Day (ie: February 15th) I have an unspeakable amount of chocolate in my system today. Today is awesome.

Here is Lady Joz, another story character who I’m not sure has graced this blog yet. She is a powerful necromancer who has extended her own life well beyond its natural years by feeding off wish-makers eager to trade years of their own lives for special powers.


This next one is a sketch I started back on 2-9-15, but touched up a bit today. Kiddo Astrid, her dragon, and some soon-to-be-food wisps (if they’re not careful, but they are usually careful).


Airika doing an ugly cry into stoic Tren’s shirt after Vince tells her that he’s got to go marry some other girl and do stuff with the guild he’s promised his life to (don’t worry, they don’t stay apart for long… spoiiilers).