Trinth’s School WIP 01

I finished (or at least am satisfied with 😀 ) my two most recent 3D models, so it’s time for something new! My first order of business is painting some environments. This is a college-level school yard I imagined for some fictional characters of mine. I’m about 6 hours into it and probably have t least another 6 to go. It’s refreshing to paint something so vast though, and I’d certainly like to improve at this sort of thing.

In other news, I applied to Torpex Games. They seem right up my alley – they’ve made a great, original game and that’s the sort of thing I would love a chance to work on. I haven’t heard back yet, but there’s lots of other places in Bellevue/Seattle to apply if they aren’t interested!

Indiana Jones

My first completely new art since moving! Moving in with my fiance occupied at least the last five or so weeks of my life, so it’s a huge relief to finally be arting regularly again! Here we have Indiana Jones, a macho, rugged man, because my portfolio lacks macho, rugged men. I made him in Photoshop CS2, over the course of 2 days, with about 4 hours total of time spent. A much larger version of this is available on my site, Hope you like!

Firiona Vie

I think I originally painted this in February, and I spent last night touching it up. Her face had always bugged me in the old version, and somewhere in the last 6 months I must have gained whatever knowledge I needed to possess in order to fix it, because I am much happier with it now. Here she is, much prettier than before! 😀