I’m learning ZBrush! Not only does digital sculpting really appeal to me, but nearly every employer seems hungry for ZBrush users. Jim and I worked out way through about two hours of downloaded video instruction followed by another hour or so of just messing around in the software. I intend to spend nearly every day of the next few weeks working in ZBrush regularly, which probably won’t be too hard, as the software is quite enjoyable so far. 🙂

Cuda Zuri Updated

Well, she didn’t stay untouched for long! 😀 I posted her on DA and a couple of fellow artists critiqued a number of things, prompting me to change some things about her. I didn’t want to have to ditch the rig I worked for days on, so I stuck with changes that involved only texture edits. I’m still pretty happy with the model over all, and I learned a lot from working on it that I’ll apply to future models. I’ll keep everything they said in mind for the John Locke model I intend to work on in the coming weeks.

Astrid Wip 04

Huzzah for textures! She looks so much better than last time we saw her. Her hands are bugging me, and her face has some dents in it… but sleep first. 😀 Tomorrow’s the last day of my staycation, and I’ll be sad to see it go! It’s been an extremely productive time, as this blog can attest to. Alas… there’ll always be weekends.

Astrid Wip 03

This is the worst part of the art process – Astrid has reached the “ugggh, it’s ugly” stage, and the only way out is to work right through it. Many a project has died right here, in the ugly phase 😀 But I think she’ll have a full recovery and go on to live a long and prosperous life on my reel.

Updating Meleferen (goth castle)

I only had a couple hours to work on art today, so I spent it adding as much as I could to this scene I made a couple years ago. I think it’s still good enough to include on my new reel. I added a walkway in front, more lamps, and more general “stuff” to fill out the areas behind the main castle. I also want to add a stagecoach, which I began modeling but won’t finish until tomorrow at the earliest. I love this piece – it’s so wintery! And I sure do miss winter right now, as I sit in the sweltering heat of August. 😀

Cuda Zuri WIP 03

I put in several more hours today! Here’s what I added: lots of texture tightening-up, bump maps for both skin and armor unwraps, swords, and the design to the midsection of her armor. I also finally gave her eyelids. Don’t know how I missed that the first time through, but she has them now! All of the stuff left to do is nitpicky stuff and making sure the designs match up at the seams. I’m still on track to rig her Monday, so hopefully all will continue to go smoothly on this one. I’m happy with her so far, but I am eager to begin something new. 😀

Cuda Zuri WIP 02

It’s time yet again for the daily WIP! I got home late today so I only had about 2 hours to put into the model today. I spent most of it on the boots, which are still a bit of a wobbly unwrappy mess. I also added details all over and added some more textures. I still haven’t quite decided what to do with the midsection of her armor, but I’ll be figuring that out tomorrow! Lots to do still, but I’m pretty happy with this so far!

Cuda Zuri WIP 01

Hullo! Another evening, another few hours of practice! Here’s Cuda Zuri, a warrior elf girl from somewhere far, far away. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on her already, having built her from a similar model I made last year that I decided to spruce up (a lot). The modeling is done, but there’s plenty of texture painting to keep me busy for a few days still. I’ll add more WIPs as I progress. Hope you enjoy!

PS: Here’s the model I made last year: http://www.majoh.com/art/3d/NanenahWarrior_3D_large.jpg