Who can be the bravest? (wips + done)

“The Circle elders found a match for me. She’s from the Syndicate, some girl everyone’s hot for. Our marriage will strengthen the guilds’ alliance.”

“I guess most people would envy my situation. The other guys won’t shut up about her. She picked the mist caves clean by herself, didn’t even wake the ‘lings… I guess that’s nice. The elders can’t wait to move us all out to the Zigg ruins and hills to take on bigger stuff.”


“But the truth is, I stopped caring about treasure and shiny swords and shit like that a long time ago.”who_can_be_the_bravest_wip03

“I don’t know when they’re gonna make me go, or when I’ll be back here.”


“Be brave for me, Air.”

Photoshop, a few hours.

This is early in their story – the beginning of their first breakup (if you can call it that, they’re not really a couple yet). So sad! Vince’s guild finds him a match that will build an alliance with another guild and bring them all fame and riches, but the summer he spent showing Airika which end of the sword to hold was much more rewarding.

Don’t worry, they get a little more time together before he gets pulled away…

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