Someday you’ll see (wips + done)

someday_youll_see_done… that I am such a fragile thing.

(Which is a reference to the SD6 song “Everywhere”, which is awesome yet completely un-Googlable/un-YouTubeable for some reason.)

This one started as a sketch that probably wouldn’t have made it to completion it if weren’t for a soft spot in my heart for these two and their romantic scenes. After all, so much of their story is about the forces that keep them apart and the foolishness of their romance. She’s the girl-from-another-world, literate but useless in a sword fight; he’s betrothed to the world’s best assassin in support of a fragile political alliance between the world’s two most important guilds.

someday_youll_see_wip01 someday_youll_see_wip02 someday_youll_see_wip03 someday_youll_see_wip04Her face was just wrong – not wrong in general (I think it’s one of my better ones) but wrong for the character. So I repainted it, trying to make her look younger and less sassy (since this would be early in their story) and now it feels right.

someday_youll_see_doneBacklit faces, yay! I mean, no. Ugh, so hard. I’m trying to push my understanding of lighting a lot more this year and it’s not easy.


I came back a few days later and repainted the characters. I don’t know what it is with me sometimes, but it’s like I have to do a version I don’t like before I can do a version I do like.




It’s also sort of a spiritual remake of this painting I did back in 2009:


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