Dice, spool, ornament still life – blue lightbulb (#6)



Phew! Finished just in time for my desk to get packed up. Compilation canvas and some final words coming soon…

#5 – Red and green lamps
#4 – CFL spotlight to the left
#3 – Pink Christmas lights to the left
#2 – Interior floor lamps
#1 – Early winter afternoon daylight

Guildless character designs (wips)

3 years after Airika and Vince are split up by the powers that be, they meet again by chance. Good thing I was there to draw what they wore to this momentous event!

3_years_later_airika_sketch 3_years_later_vince_sketch

I really liked his face in the sketch but had a hard time carrying whatever it was I liked about it into the painted version.


So I repainted it over…

3_years_later_guildless_chars_wip02And over!

But I added the rest of their immediate group. Here they are, the four “guildless” peeps – Tzipora, Vince, Airika, and Tren – so named for their lack of affiliation with any of their world’s important political/social factions.

3_years_later_guildless_chars_wip03Going guildless is almost always certain death… unless you have good friends. 🙂

3_years_later_guildless_chars(Yes I repainted his face again, haha! And everyone else’s too. I am eternally dissatisfied with faces. I haven’t ruled out repainting them again.)

A bit more work will finish this one up, but I wanted to post it because I’m falling really behind on posting and about to move house so I’ll have even less time to post in the coming days!

Another Ghost sketch

Okay, one more drawing of Vince and Airika and the Ghost sword (see yesterday’s post). I like this one the best so far of all the “Ghost” sword series drawings.


Hey… now that I think about it, it reminds me a lot of an illustration I did maybe 10 years ago for a school project. My inspiration well only runs so deep.

VinceAirikaPS_largeEeeeyeah I dunno what’s going on with his face, but I’m much happier with the “new” version. 😀

January 13th sketch dump

More Airika and Vince adventures, starting with the reveal of Ghost, his cursed sword that contains “echoes” of the people it has killed.

Don’t let your skin touch it. 

Later in the story. Airika touches Ghost with her bare hand. The sword binds itself to her as the sword’s victims fight for control over her, beginning one of the story’s darker arcs.


I currently have a two hour daily commute and haven’t yet figured out how to keep making art while on the bus, so output is going to slow down for a little while. 🙂

Dice, spool, ornament still life – red and green lamps (#5)

Here’s #5 in my still life lighting series. Painting from life into Photoshop has proven a reliably interesting use of my time, so I think I’ll continue this series for at least a few more iterations.

In this version there’s a lamp with a red lightbulb (and a red shade!) positioned to the left of the scene, and a small lamp with a green bulb behind a white shade to the right.


For some reason – not sure if it was because of the two-light arrangement – this one seemed to take longer than the previous pieces. The matte-finish ornament in the center is my favorite part of the scene. I’m getting tired of painting the spool of thread. I’m neutral about the dice.


Photoshop CS6
A few hours

#4 – CFL spotlight to the left
#3 – Pink Christmas lights to the left
#2 – Interior floor lamps
#1 – Early winter afternoon daylight

Dice, spool, ornament still life – CFL spotlight to the left (#4)

#4 in my first lighting practice series was lit using an ordinary CFL bulb (“soft white”, to be specific) in a desk lamp pointed straight at the scene from the left. I also continue to correct composition and perspective issues with each successive piece.

So far my method has been to use the previous painting as a base for the next one, though I do end up fully painting over it in the process. This has worked well, as it lets me spend my time on color and not repeating composition, though I do keep fixing things with composition as I go.

dice-spoon-ornament_spotlight_to_the_leftColor-wise, I feel like this is the most artificial looking of the bunch so far. Everything’s the color you expect it to be (and probably the closests these objects have been to their “real” colors), thanks to the lack of natural light and use of almost-white interior lighting. However, a trip to Fred Meyer for colored bulbs has ensured at least a few alien-looking entries will be added to this series soon.

Photoshop CS6
A couple hours

#3 – Pink Christmas lights to the left
#2 – Interior floor lamps
#1 – Early winter afternoon daylight


Even the stars look brighter tonight (wips + done)

Nothing’s impossible. (this version by Kato Kino feat. Ayria is my favorite).



First color pass under sketch:


Merge sketch into colors and paint on top of sketch on a single layer:


Render render render render:


Change his shirt to brown so they don’t look like they’re dressed in the same outfit lol:even_the_stars_wip05


Airika: And what’s that group of stars called?
Vince: Uh… the Cleave.
Airika: Are you making that up?
Vince: No, I would never do such a thing.

Photoshop CS6
A few hours


This piece is unique and special to me because they actually appear on the canvas how they look in my head omg. The end-of-vacation paint marathon continues. At this rate, I’ll get more painting done before February than I usually paint in a year – sweeeet.