Decade wip 03

Okay, let’s just say that a LOT happened between wip02 (last update) and wip03 (this one), but it’s all on track now. I liked wip02 a lot, but it wasn’t feeling like the next logical step in my growth as an artist. I wanted to do something more daring with camera angles and get a better sense of depth into the painting from the beginning. I also wanted a better connection between the characters in the foreground and all the awesome dragon stuff going on in the background.

Here is wip 03: 

decade_wip03The little flappy beastlings are gone (for the moment) but they’ll come back soon. This is still going to be a wonderfully bloody battle scene. 😉

I’m very happy with the new camera angle, as I always envisioned this piece being shot from a low angle. I’ve got some work to do on Tren (she’s the figure on the left) as she doesn’t look to be on the same perspective plane as Astrid (the girl with the violin). That’ll be next time.

For now, though, it is dinner time. Sometimes I forget to feed myself while I’m painting.