Winter’s Peach – finished


It’s done!  (Or is it just at that point where I can’t tolerate to work on it any longer?)

So, this is #9 in the series.  I’ve managed to keep this tradition going for nine whole years, which is both a testament to my ability to keep a streak going as well as my inability to invent new and more interesting subject matter to entertain myself with.

Here’s a quick recap, starting in 2005 at the left and 2013 at the right:



It’s obvious that I’ve at least improved at human faces, dragons, and flouncy dresses. I’m still producing very cartoonish artwork and I must continue to practice with lighting and compositions. If I had to pick a best, it’d be 2011’s (third from right).  That one was ahead of its time for me.

The challenge is, as always, to spend the year learning so that next year’s pushes the series farther.


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