Tower of Terror in Soft Pastels

This week I bought myself a $5 box of soft pastels to play with to play with. They’re cheap (as is the paper I’m using), but the feeling of working in real media remains irreplaceable.  My hand is fully healed (at last!), so I anticipate a flurry of art to arrive any minute now.

I’m still riding high on Tower of Terror inspiration, so my first two soft pastel artworks are a couple of ~30 minute sketches of the DCA Tower of Terror and the Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror. The perspective’s a mess, but I don’t care. 🙂 dca_tower_of_terror_soft_pastels hs_tower_of_terror_soft_pastelsIf you like the Tower of Terror, you might enjoy my side-project,, which (joyfully) consumed the better part of last month. 🙂

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