Queen of Red 2013 remake



I guess I lied earlier when I said I wasn’t going to come back to this one.  I saw it sitting in my recent files list in Photoshop, reopened it, and put another 20 minutes into punching it up.  It came a long way in those 20 minutes, if you recall where we last left off:


Sometimes I make art that I like to call “ahead of its time” – art that stays “good” in my eyes for years.  Some stuff in my portfolio has been there for 5 years, because I still feel it’s among my best.  That art was “ahead of its time”

The painting this new one is based on was “behind its time”.  Stiff and awkward even when I made it, even though I put twice as much time into it.  I feel like doing these remakes is a great way to gauge my own growth as an artist.  Even though artwork is just a hobby, it’s a SRS HOBBY(!!!111) and knowing I’m improving keep me motivated.

The original:


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