Astrid ’13 reboot? wips

AstridDragon_wip01 AstridDragon_wip02 AstridDragon_wip03 AstridDragon_wip04

I don’t know why the annual Astrid painting is so much harder than everything else.  It’s like nothing’s good enough.  I keep rebooting, and I scrap at least one painting along the way that I’d happily take to completion if it were anything else but the annual Astrid. It must be the self-imposed goal that it be better than the ones before it.  That’s a tall order.

Anyway, here’s Attempt #2.  I don’t know how I feel about it yet.  Perspective is hard, yo.

I’ll pick it up again this weekend and see if I still like it a day or two from now.

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