In the meantime…

Well, my finger’s recovery has taken much longer than expected.  I suppose there’s a difference between cutting a cyst out of flesh and fat (like usual) and cutting a cyst off the thin layer of tissue between finger skin and bone.  It’s healing up nicely, but it’s still interfering with resting my hand while I paint. Boo hiss!  (I probably got the darn thing from painting anyway.)

In the meantime, I’ve been working on two projects that don’t require my painting hand:

1) My web dev skillz by writing new articles on my home/life blog  I’m exploring Google Analytics, learning about search engine optimization, CSS, and I’m just plain having fun writing about my adventures.  I’m also trying to get into Twitter and Tumblr, but I’m still much more into good old fashioned blogging (can blogging really be called old fashioned?) and website building.

2)  Wy Goes With, which is the working title of my first game app. Jim’s gone off exploring path finding and AI on a side project of his own while I crank away on improvements to WGW, trying to turn it into a brief but cohesive experience.

Obligatory screenshot:


My only complaint right now is feeling too stretched out.  When I write for leveluphouse, I feel like I’m neglecting my app.  When I get involved in my app, I feel like I should be painting.  When I’m painting, I’m super happy and have no complaints. 🙂

I hope to get back to painting very soon.