Cazic Thule wips

And… I’m back!  I took a couple weeks off to see the Seattle area with my dad who came up for one of his twice-annual visits (yay!) and I also needed time to recover from the removal of an annoying lump called a fibroma from my right pinkie (not yay! the stitches have made it difficult to use my right hand).

Anyway, to get back into the groove I browsed my old scrapped WIPs in search of something easy to jump into.  Sometimes it’s nice to have the canvas already filled in a bit.

I started this maybe 7 months ago and gave up on it maybe ~30 minutes in (probably out of boredom, as I must admit… it’s not very exciting.) CazicThule_wip00

But then I had an hour for painting this evening and decided to give it some more love: CazicThule_wip01 CazicThule_wip02

Getting Cazic to look huge against his background will be the big challenge of this painting, I can already tell.  Also: blood rain. 😀