My art is on Entertainment Weekly’s GOT blog!

OMG! The coolest thing ever happened to me today!!

Check it out, Entertainment Weekly’s James Hibberd linked my artwork, Dracarys, on his Game of Thrones recap! (With permission, of course).

You can read his great episode recap here (caution, Game of Thones spoilers within!!):

(My artwork is on page 7)



Action Girls wips 01, 02, 03

Loca Mocha and Lethal Lemon take the fast way to the streets of Gigapolis!




I’m gonna try the “glazing” technique with this one, developing the painting entirely in greyscale and then adding colors using Photoshop’s layer blending modes.  I already like one thing about it:  it’s much easier and more natural feeling to only be working just with values, composition, and form rather than all that plus colors.  Will divide and conquer be a successful strategy?  We’ll see.

Winter’s Peach – finished


It’s done!  (Or is it just at that point where I can’t tolerate to work on it any longer?)

So, this is #9 in the series.  I’ve managed to keep this tradition going for nine whole years, which is both a testament to my ability to keep a streak going as well as my inability to invent new and more interesting subject matter to entertain myself with.

Here’s a quick recap, starting in 2005 at the left and 2013 at the right:



It’s obvious that I’ve at least improved at human faces, dragons, and flouncy dresses. I’m still producing very cartoonish artwork and I must continue to practice with lighting and compositions. If I had to pick a best, it’d be 2011’s (third from right).  That one was ahead of its time for me.

The challenge is, as always, to spend the year learning so that next year’s pushes the series farther.


Peach wip 11


I spent about 1 hour tonight on it working almost entirely on the dragon’s head.  Depending how nitpicky I get with details, I could easily put another 4-5 hours into this.

I’m really happy with how it’s turned out but I feel like it’s missing something, that hard-to-pinpoint last “10%”.  I tried playing with hue/sat a bit to see what bringing different colors into it would look like but I wasn’t really enjoying the result.