Storm II wips

I fell behind on posting wips, I’m fighting a cold and I’ve been getting to bed extra early (unlike tonight, as I post this at 10:30… 😀 )

I bring you, Storm II – because painting Storm once this month wasn’t enough.


storm2_wip01 storm2_wip02 storm2_wip03

Sudden wardrobe change:



Hand change:


Adding dabs of what feels like random colors seems to add depth and interest: storm2_wip06

I’ll wrap this up in a couple more sessions.

I’ve been struggling to get interested enough in my Astrid ’13 painting enough that I’m starting to consider scrapping it and beginning fresh.  It feels flat and boring to me. I can’t seem to muster the interest to work on it and these faster, smaller paintings are turning out much better.

My Little Bettas

Some awesome person on DeviantArt pointed out that this betta has much in common with Rarity.

A rare betta, if you will:


Which necessitated a party betta:BettaParty

a sporty betta:


a shy betta:


a magic betta: MagicalBetta

an honest betta (swimming in a tank of cider):


A moon betta:

MoonlightBetta And a troll betta: TrollBetta

I’m a little tired of bettas now, but I have ideas for more so maybe I’ll come back to this series in a bit and expand it further.  🙂

Until then, here’s a series of process wips for the cider betta:

ciderbetta_01 ciderbetta_02 ciderbetta_03 ciderbetta_04 ciderbetta_05