Okay, I’m a liar

Got inspired during my lunch break and as luck would have it, I already had Photoshop open and my tablet at the ready. BEHOLD, DESIGNER ART! (Even more widely feared than the notorious PROGRAMMER ART!)

I went home and put another hour into it:

I hope posting it doesn’t jinx it or something, because I sure do like where it’s going. Who doesn’t love sweet little goth girls with pet dragons?

Astrid 2011 wips

It’s that time ‘o year again!

Pale elf lady playing the violin… check!

A dragon (or two)… check!

Grueling 3-4 hours of screwing up and starting over a half dozen times… check. 🙁 Some are just harder than others, and after one very frustrating evening I put it on hiatus for a while. I like how her face turned out, but arrrgh the rest is just an uphill battle for some reason. I’m putting this on hiatus.

Scarlet Wips

2010 ended with far more wall painting than Photoshop painting, but 2011’s already off to a good start!

I started this as a respite from Astrid ’11 (of course I didn’t forget! :D) and liked it enough to keep going and going! I don’t have any early wips due to my intention to toss it after a couple hours, but the ones I do have are pretty fun to look at:

Brighter, bolder!

More of the same!!

Yay for painting again! Now I’m off to watch some more of “24” on Netflix, which is what I do when I feel like cheating on my responsibilities.

That two month gap in posts…

…we moved! Huzzah! Behold, the lovely new Casa Grant:

Yup, that’s a bonafide 100% authentic Grown-up House! With 2-CAR GARAGE ACTION! We’re very happy with it – especially after tearing out the filthy carpet that had been gathering crust since the first Bush administration, fixing drippy pipes, a not-locking front door lock, replacing faucets and outlet covers (not at the same time!), replacing a leaky furnace, and slapping our own personal style onto every wall we could before we moved in two days before Christmas.

My awesome Dad flew in for a week in early December to help us transform this place from borderline fixer-upper to one pretty awesome place to hole up in for a while.

We drilled:

We hauled:

We covered the most insanely ugly paint treatment I’ve ever seen:

We went completely buggo replacing the kitchen faucet over and over until it was finally in right AND squirting hot water and cold water properly:


We found this weird wedding memento in the garbage can: (Okay maybe some people are into wedding doo-dads, but Jim and I didn’t even get a photo album from ours, lol)

We used a lot of this overpriced blue tape (this is our master bedroom in its “before” state!):

And we ate our weight in M&Ms:

This is the second time Jim and I have squeezed a move in the brief space of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas – our Moms think we must have a vendetta against holidays. The dust has finally settled, though, and we’re settling into the groove of living in a place that’s nearly three times larger than our first home!

Now that we’ve got life somewhat back to running smoothly, we’re slowly incorporating fun things back into our evenings and weekends… like painting! And Netflix, and Rock Band, and conversations that aren’t about pipe insulation or wall colors.