Sometimes this blog stops being about art and starts being about whatever’s preventing me working on art. It’s that time again!

Jim and I bought a house! We were originally supposed to close on it yesterday, but snowy conditions here in the Pacific Northwest have slowed the moving of documents to a crawl, so now we close next Monday instead. This weekend was to be our first in it, tearing up carpet and painting walls, but that’ll have to wait until next weekend. Fortunately, my Dad is coming back to WA! He’s an expert in all things house-related and his help is priceless.

What’s odd about this move is just how much it has in common with our ’08 move from IL to WA: I’m sick, there’s a ton of snow on the ground, Thanksgiving is, uh…”rescheduled” til next year, and we’re out of boxes with plenty more to box. Sprinkle in a few fun surprises, such as closing being moved and we’re almost at the degree of craziness that ’08’s move was, except for… a dead oven, a broken down car (last week’s flat tire doesn’t count), and at least one of us (probably me again) needs to sustain a crippling foot injury and it’ll be 2008 all over again.

Something great about this move is how close it is to BLACK FRIDAY! I’m off to buy some sale-price appliances!!