Finishing a game

For those who don’t know, I work as a lead designer at a large video game production studio. I love my job, and when it’s time to finish a project things get hectic so I put in evening and weekend time. My painting often gets put on hiatus when it’s time to final a project at work.

The final push is worth it, though – the project always really comes together at the end as finishing touches and polish go into the game. I’m very proud of my current project: it is a fun puzzle game for the Nintendo DS based on a great kids’ license and feedback from those who play it has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s amazing to see 5+ months of work come together so nicely, and it’s almost done! Yay!

Back at it!!

May wasn’t a very productive month for painting! I took a week+ long break from painting when my dad came to visit, and then Jim and I got into house hunting and looked at houses til we found one we wanted to make an offer on. But now that we’re waiting on word from the bank about our offer…. it’s time to PAINT AGAIN! YEAH!

I started Neptune sometime in April and finished her up over Memorial Day weekend.