Wake the White Queen wip 01

Ahhhhhh, back to painting! Since my last post, I’ve…

1. Gotten married!
2. Put in extra time at work til our Alpha build went out
3. Took apart my old computer and replaced its guts with my NEW computer!
4. Rebuilt my old computer and set it up in my sewing room
5. Sewed some Christmas grubs!
6. Completed my Christmas shopping
7. Wrapped about a third of my Christmas gifts
8. Had an awesome Thanksgiving with my husband, Jim

And now: it is time to paint again! 🙂 I got inspired to start Astrid ’10 early this year. I may switch between it and another painting I’ve been itching to work on. One thing’s for sure… it’s going so much faster than Dracarys. 😀

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