Dracarys Wip 17

The result of the last few evenings of work on it. Things that bug me about it…
-The lighting in general. Lighting is the bane of everything I paint.
-The dudes’ faces. Guy faces are so difficult for me, so I want to keep polishing these until they really are great.
-The clutter in the right-hand corner
-The dudes on the ground are just sketches
-Still trying to figure out how to paint the black dragon. He looks too matte and too flat right now. I don’t want him to be a silhouette, but that’s how he seems to read.

Dracarys Wip 15

This represents the last several days of progress. Save for a few more figures added to the ground, this painting is nearing “feature complete” – to borrow a term from my work as a game developer. After that, it’s all detail work, fine tuning, and adjusting things until I’m happy with it. I’ve never spent this long on one thing, with the exception of perhaps my senior project for my degree.

I’m actually looking forward to working on smaller stuff for a while once it’s complete. 😀

Dracarys Wip 14

This weekend was utterly fantastic – I haven’t packed this much painting into a 72 hour time period in at least a few years. Ahhhhhhh. 🙂

I’m really happy with where this painting is going. It’s my biggest ever (by far) and I think it’ll be something to be proud of for years once it’s finished. I’m thinking of trying to complete it before October, but I don’t want to finish it until it’s truly the best I’ve ever done, no matter how long that takes.

Dracarys Wip 13

I spent most of August pampering my new betta and traveling to Illinois to spend a week there. But now I’m back on track and working on this some more! Definitely the biggest painting I’ve ever tackled. Biggest changes this time around are: the dudes at left are more refined, and I added Jorah Mormont to the trio of heroes. The background architecture’s more refined, the sky’s a bit stormier (I got tired of the lovely blue sky it used to have).