Today the fans are SILENT

I had to do a number of computer repairs this weekend. In effort to make my computer quieter I replaced the case with an Antec Sonata III. Everything was going great until I had a series of “thermal events” (probably related to the scorching heat and the lack of AC in this apartment) that scared me into researching ways to keep my processor cooler, which resulted in another trip to the computer parts store for a seriously huge CPU cooling fan, which required me to take everything out of the new case again so I could mount the thing.

Here’s a picture of the ridiculously huge new CPU fan:

Fortunately, these repairs have probably lengthened the lifespan of this machine by at least another 6 months (money’s tight till the house sells), and the parts are (theoretically) future-compatible, so when I build my new machine I can use the parts I bought this weekend. And now I can retire the oscillating fan that has pointed into the open case of this machine for the last 4 years.

Oh… and the best part is it seems to run much more smoothly now (no longer chokes on every other Photoshop brush stroke). This has me hopeful that I can paint at home more, instead of after-hours at work.

Dracarys Wip 07

Time for a composition change! I tried to make it more “readable” – if that makes sense. It was becoming an unweildly huge painting and this compacted it quite nicely.

I wanted Dany’s victim to be in front of her, not behind her, and I like that now it looks as if she is actually commanding the black dragon to nuke, instead of yelling into the void (of course, there’s nothing wrong with yelling into the void). I also pulled her bloodriders closer together, and backed them away from her a bit to make less of a parade of horses and more a queen being followed by her guards.

That army in the background is going to be painful, but I like that they’ve been pulled back further from the foreground composition. Overall, I’m glad I spent the time tightening this up before going any further.

Dracarys Wip 06

Pulled the background architecture back in attempt to give the scene greater depth. Shrank the dragons because upon re-reading I discovered they’re not really that big yet.

I had to shelve this for the last 2+ weeks due to 12 hour days at the office. I had a little time this weekend to work on it, though. Yay!