Lullaby WIP 03

Had about 2 hours of free time this evening. I cherished every second and spent them all on this painting!

I don’t know how people with kids have time for ANYTHING. I can’t find time to paint except brief bursts here and there, and I don’t even have a pet. 😀

Lullaby WIP 02

My progress over the last weekend. Alas, work still eats up many evenings – or do go home, but I end up doing chores all evening instead of painting when Jim stays late and can’t help me with them.

Neenah WIP 01

Just something I started to “warm up” again after not having time to paint for a few weeks. My family was in town for the past week, which was fun. Before that, work was crunchy, which is not fun. Work will probably get crunchy again, so I’m sneaking in some painting while I still have evenings.

As always I’m saving the hands for last. 😀