Here’s my latest 4 grubs: Watchmen themed! Grubs are a hobby of mine outside of painting. They’re really like my little children. I’m nuts. I know. 🙂

Ashavan – Done

This was a really fun experiment: all one layer, no refs, and I just kind of let it guide itself. It had a very natural feel to it – layers are just encumbering when compared with the freedom of putting paint on the only layer available. I’m definitely gonna do another one soon and see if it goes as well as this did.

Ashavan – WIP 01

Spent about 2 hours on this, starting with an empty canvas. I guess I really felt like painting today! I’m thrilled with how this came out – I started with nothing and just added more colors in blotches until I could “see” something shaping up in it. I continued to work in details from there. I think I’ll do more like this. I don’t know if I’m done with this one yet or not- I’ll see if I’m still interested in it next time I paint. 🙂

All Good Things

“Flames to dust. Lovers to friends. Why do all good things come to an end?”

Airica and Vince during happy times. 🙂 Just a for-fun painting. I’d like to make a companion piece for it someday, but alas, there is only so much time and I must move on to other projects first!