Seattle Plague, round TWO!

The not-so-fun part about moving to a new city is the exposure to all the new strains of colds. I’m sick. AGAIN. Jim’s finally on the up after having been sick for the past week himself. On the plus side, this illness has the good fortune of not overlapping my birthday, Christmas, or a major milestone at work like the last one!


I made a custom brush and spent about an hour and a half painting Peanut, my plush Mantyke. 🙂 He was a ton of fun, and I tried to incorporate techniques I’ve seen artists at my new job using, like blending in additional colors (like the green in the grey and the purple in the blue). I think it adds a lot of interest and maybe even some realism.

All Good Things – WIP 01

Just started this one today. The characters are Arica and Vince, original characters who really only exist to give me something fun to paint when I want to make an original piece. 🙂

I’m very pleased with how good Vince looks already! I usually struggle endlessly with males, but I think he’s off to a great start. Yay!

Sixteen Miles (Astrid 2009)

My 5th annual Astrid painting is complete! The previous four years can be found here:

The only goal is to outdo the previous year’s painting by applying everything I’ve learned in the previous 12 months. It’s become a way to gauge my progress, and I look forward to it every year. 🙂

This one is named for an Ego Likeness song:

Take what’s yours and go while you still can while it’s still dark outside before he’s cold.
Law man come into your broken home hide the hammer draw the blinds grab the little one and go.
You’ve got 16 miles of wasteland left to go.

Hike up your skirt now you better run girl run. Hike up your skirt now you better run girl run.
Before they find out what you’ve done. Before they find out what you’ve done. You’d better run girl run.

The truth smashed into your face like his big hard hand. Ripped up your hope ripped up your dress.
This was your empire o queen of all that’s pure. Until he broke your crown burned your kingdom down

You’ve got 16 miles of wasteland left to go before the morning comes you’ve got 16 miles of wasteland left to go.

Ast 2009 Wip 06

I made a concerted effort at working at least somewhat on this every night for the past 5 days. I’m posting it now as a record of how it looked on Friday, before I work on it all weekend! I hope to give it one final, huge push in the next 2 days so I can wrap it up in the next week. I’m just itching to start something new!

Ast 2009 Wip 05

I had a few hours to work on it today, yay! A new project at work is spilling over into weekends, but it’s for a really exciting project and I’m happy to put in extra effort to help make sure it’s awesome. It’ll be worth it, I hope. 🙂

Claw game success!

Jim and I went rollerskating two nights ago and this little fella caught my eye in the arcade. He was inside one of those claw machine games. I’ve had some luck at those games in the past, so I thought I’d try to retrieve him. I also thought of a nice coworker at my new job who has a collection of plushies from Japanese UFO catchers – if he could win enough to have a collection, surely I can pull out just one! Well, I tried, but all I managed to do was roll him onto his side, making the claw just slide off his tapering shape.

I left to skate for a while until I spotted a kid and his mom playing the machine – I don’t think they were trying for this guy, but they shifted the contents enough to plop him back onto his backside again.

Jim seemed skeptical, having never seen someone win a claw game prize, but a few bucks worth of quarters later, I had him! It seems the claw is only “grippy” a small percentage of the time. The trick was to just keep trying until it rolled the random chance to be a strong claw. He came right out once that claw was strong enough to hold him. 🙂

His tag says he’s a Pokemon named Mantyke, but I like to call him Peanut. (We also jokingly call him Quarters). I don’t know if he’s supposed to have a happy and a sad face from flipping him over, but he sure is a lot of fun. 😀