Ast 2009 Wip 04

Work’s been really busy: we’re coming up on a milestone date so there have been weekend hours and late nights. Oh well, Ast will be just as good, if not better, arriving in February!

I finally gave up on the cloak she’s been wearing for the past 4 weeks, deciding it took away from the fun in painting Astrid each year, which is getting to design and paint her hair and her dress.

The horse and the trees are probably most challenging parts of this one, but I think it’ll be worth it once they’re done. I hope to fix the horse’s “blending in” with the background in the next round. The debate was whether to have a white or a black horse, but both seem to come with their own troubles. A white horse blends with the snow, and a black one with the trees. As far as the “story” goes, Ast really belongs on a black horse, anyway.

Overall I’m happy with the direction this painting is going – it’s come so far from its first wip!

Ast 2009 wip 02

I had to spend most of today doing stuff for my new job, but I found a couple hours to improve upon last week’s update. I’m trying to find a lighting scheme for it, and make some early decisions regarding coloring. My computer is threatening to die every time it opens this, hopefully it’ll hold itself together long enough for me to finish this before the month’s over!

Ast 2009 wip 01

I began the sketch for my 5th annual Astrid painting. (Previous years can be found at )

It’s still loose and conceptual at this stage. I’m working on finding a color palette that works well for it as well as deciding what sort of “mood” I want it to have. I’m not quite satisfied with either yet. I’m also researching what horses look like 😀

End of break

Alas, break is almost over. This has been a pretty good vacation, despite being snowed in, being 2000 miles away from everyone I know at Christmas, having at least four flavors of Seattle-plague, being snapped at by a nasty JoAnn employee, being unable to walk for a day after slamming my foot into a wall, and getting owned over and over in WOW battlegrounds. Well, the latter was kind of fun in its own way. 😀

It was, in many ways, the first true “vacation” I’ve had in years. There were no goals – no need to push out a painting every 2 days, no portfolio to assemble, no school project to get a 2 week head start on, and no home repairs to tackle. I basically spent it at the computer surfing the web, watching movies, organizing my new apartment, and playing WOW. In other words, I finally did something fun.