A potential employer asked me whether I had a reel – I didn’t, as of 30 hours ago, but I do now. 😀 It’s a bit rough, but WOW I can’t believe I made this whole thing with such short notice! I need a break now. Seriously.

Daenerys Completed

She’s done!! Yay! I spent a lot of time on those dragons, and I hope it shows. My next order of business will probably be a 3D model or two. Most jobs I see advertised are for 3D positions, and I could certainly use more practice. Speaking of which, I haven’t heard back yet from most of the 8 or so places I’ve applied. I only wish I knew what it was – whether they are simply swamped, or whether I live too far, or whether my work is lacking in some way. In the meantime though, I’m having plenty of fun expanding my portfolio!

Daenerys Wip 01

New painting I’ve already put about a week worth of evenings into – Daenerys from A Song of Ice and Fire. The dragons are definitely the toughest part of this – I don’t think I’ve ever painted dragons before! Shame on me.

Sansa Stark

No reference, just a quick (3 hours) painting in Photoshop started and finished today. After a 30+ hour painting, 3 hours just flies by! This is Sansa Stark, a character from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.